4110 Paint Prep Cleaner

Paint Prep Cleaner

In order to Go Green, and reduce VOC’s in the paint industry, solvent based paints are rapidly being replaced by water-based paints. Hi-Lite 4110 Paint Prep Cleaner, the first non-toxic, water-based product on the market designed to safely clean and prepare all surfaces for paint, works better than traditional toxic cleaners with the industry’s new paints. Because the paint and 4110 both use water-based technology, there are very compatible, so the paint bonds better to the surface, leaving little or no imperfections in the painted surface. When used alone or in combination with the other Hi-Lite products in the Sherwin Williams ProVisions line, cleaning the surface with 4110 is the final and most important step to ensure a professional flawless finish.

This product is used by:
Mechanics and military operations, industrial manufacturers.

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