4120 Industrial Floor Cleaner

Industrial Floor Cleaner

Hi-Lite 4120 Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Cleaner with its low VOC’s and no EPA reportable materials, helps companies ‘Go Green’. This superior cleaning product is readily biodegradable, non-chlorinated and very user friendly. It has no harmful fumes or odour, so a respirator or any special hazardous training is not required.

4120 quickly and effectively removes dirt, hydraulic oils, grease, shop soils, tire marks, and a broad range of petroleum oils from all types of commercial flooring including concrete, painted and un-painted floors. It contains no sodium or potassium hydroxide and is not corrosive to skin, tile, terrazzo flooring or soft metals. Its water soluble formula makes it easy and cost effective to use in a variety of manual floor cleaning procedures and automatic floor cleaning machines.

4120 is an eco-friendly, non-hazardous, non-combustible product that leaves no residue while outperforming traditional toxic, heavy-duty industrial floor cleaners.

This product is used by:
Mechanics and military operations, industrial manufacturers.

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