4130 High Pressure Cleaner Degreaser

High Pressure Cleaner Degreaser

Hi-Lite 4130 High Pressure Cleaner Degreaser is a concentrated, very powerful, eco-friendly, aqueous cleaner. It can be used to thoroughly clean all types of vehicles, heavy machinery and industrial equipment. It is also very effective when cleaning large surfaces such as exterior buildings, interior walls, ceilings, floors and stairways. When used with both cold and heated high pressure washers, 4130 attacks, quickly breaks down and safely removes dirt, concrete dust, exhaust soot, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and fuel residue, as well as a variety of soils. It dries quickly, leaving a residue free clean surface. 4130 is also very effective when used as a pre-soak solution prior to steam cleaning.

This product is used by:
Mechanics and military operations, industrial manufacturers.

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