AC10 Rust Remover & Metal Prep

Rust Remover & Metal Prep


Hi-Lite AC-10 Rust Remover and Metal Prep is a concentrated, water-reducible phosphoric acid and detergent blend specially formulated to both thoroughly clean and profile steel, galvanized metals, zinc, concrete and masonry/brick surfaces before applying a coating, stain or sealer. Depending on the surface to be cleaned, this clear, odourless, innovative product can be diluted with water and brushed on, sprayed on, or used in cold or heated dip tanks for impressive results. Non-flammable, non-combustible, and non-hazardous, state-of-the-art AC-10 Rust Remover and Metal Prep can be utilised in areas with limited ventilation. Safe to use, environmentally friendly, yet more than strong enough to get the job done, AC-10 is the only rust remover and metal prep you’ll ever need.

• STEEL: Removes rust and flash rust from steel surfaces and leaves a corrosion inhibiting residue which prevents rusting and aids in coating adhesion.
• GALVANIZED METALS: Improves adhesion by removing the passivation film on the surface.
• CONCRETE: Cleans and degreases concrete surfaces to prepare the surface for paint, sealer or other coatings. Aero-Green AC-10 reduces preparation time by eliminating the separate pre-cleaning and rinsing operation before acid etching on concrete.
• MASONRY/BRICK: Cleans mortar joints, removes excess mortar and easily rinses with water to eliminate any residue from surface without causing any harm to the surrounding vegetation.

This product is used by:
Mechanics and military operations, industrial manufacturers.

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