SmartWasher 137

Mobile HeavyWeight Parts Washer with IP65 Certification


Tough enough for the big jobs, the SW137 has an enormous 454 kg load capacity, moves easily through the workshop area on a mobile dolly or can stay in one place with locking casters and provides a large, oversized sink to accommodate multi-sized parts. This one-of-a-kind design also features 40-42℃ heated solution, 10 minute flow-control timer, 1000 LPS pump, low fluid light indicator, interchangeable brush options and a brand new control assembly that is completely detachable for easy maintenance. Contact us today to access which SmartWasher machine is right for you.

This product is used by:
Any companies requiring IP65 certification, Mining workshops, Diesel workshops including Truck and Marine. Heavy equipment workshops including Defence, Farming and off highway equipment. Heavy Industrial including steel, aluminium and gas and oil workshops. Manufacturing including food and dairy facilities and anywhere else a bigger more robust unit is required.

Please access our PDF’s for further features and specifications.